If you want to savour the taste of the Mediterranean, El Viejo Gallo is the place. Fresh fish caught on the coast of Ibiza and cooked by our excellent chef, Jaume, specializing in the finest tradition of the Ibizan cuisine.

You can choose shellfish, fish cuts, baked, or salt baked, and if you prefer a more elaborate dish, you can opt for one of our outstanding rice dishes on offer. We have a great selection with fantastic flavours to please the most discerning palates.

For lobster lovers, we have a large fish tank, where  you can choose and enjoy them fresh from the grill or in our delicious stew. Balearic lobster stew is a typical dish from the islands and is one of our specialties at El Viejo Gallo.  Other culinary favourites of Ibiza are “bullit de peix” with rice a banda, the salmorreta and “guisat of peix”.

The freshest fish of the day cooked to perfection, while on holiday or for any celebration – just delectable!